Hard Candy Fitness® is a global, high-end fitness brand with a distinctive difference. The brand was created in 2010 by Madonna, the world’s leading female pop icon and well-known fitness enthusiast, and New Evolution Ventures, the world’s leading expert in fitness club development and operations. The brand has grown to include club locations in destination cities around the world focused on innovative group fitness programming and personalized fitness training. Our members enjoy an experience where entertainment and fitness intersect leaving them feeling strong and inspired physically and mentally.

Madonna’s dedication to excellence and commitment to hard work inspires our brand, and our members approach fitness the way they approach everything in life – with the mantra ‘Harder is Better’. We are constantly innovating, influenced by ideas from around the world. Our brand is Madonna inspired, fitness fueled, and totally unique. lifestyle-pharmacy



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1Why is HCF unique?

Hard Candy Fitness is the first global, luxury fitness brand. With club locations in destination cities around the world, our mission is to create a unique fitness experience that combines exercise with other exciting elements – from music, to entertainment, to dance. From our innovative and stylish club design and extensive amenities to our signature group fitness classes based on Madonna’s own workout regimen, our brand delivers an addictive and unparalleled fitness experience.


2What is Madonna’s involvement in our brand?

With Hard Candy Fitness, Madonna puts her own stamp on the fitness industry, delivering her passion for fitness and health around the world. She is not just a celebrity spokesperson for Hard Candy Fitness; she is a founding member of the team and provides direct access to her extensive relationships, PR and media engagements, social media fan base and more. Additionally, our signature Addicted to Sweat classes our based on the actual workouts she does daily. Madonna is a cultural icon renowned for her success as a musician, dancer, entertainer, film director, producer, fashion designer, author, and business entrepreneur. In all of her endeavors, whether she is traveling with the tour or rehearsing on stage, she sets an incredibly high standard and demands excellence. As a founding partner, she sets the same high standards for Hard Candy Fitness.


3What’s our story?

Founded by Madonna in partnership with New Evolution Ventures in 2010, the Hard Candy Fitness® story is guided by Mark Mastrov and Guy Oseary, two incredibly successful visionaries. Their passion and leadership continue to shape the fitness and entertainment industries around the world. Mr. Mastrov’s history as the world’s most successful gym builder with Mr. Oseary’s history of guiding world-wide entertainment brands creates an incredible point of view for our growth. Everything we do, from the equipment in our clubs, to members’ offerings, to strategic partnerships, is influenced by this experienced, global perspective.


4Who is NeV?

Based in Northern California, New Evolution Ventures (NeV) is a private equity firm focused on the acquisition, development and operations management of fitness, media and sports interests both domestically and internationally. Founded in 2008 by Mark Mastrov, Jim Rowley and Mike Feeney, and following a strategic partnership with Vision Capital in 2011, the current team of NeV professionals is shaping the world of fitness, media, and sports one brand at a time. With a foundation representing over a century of business experience, NeV currently has operations and investments in more than 20 countries worldwide representing over 800+ facilities. For more information, visit


5Who are the club operators that we have partnered with?

The Hard Candy Fitness club operators are comprised of experienced, world-class, fitness club operators from around the globe. These individuals are part of a global network of Hard Candy Fitness clubs in the following locations: Mexico City, Moscow, St. Petersburg, Santiago, Sydney, Rome, and Toronto. The brand will continue its expansion into destination cities around the world, with both clubs and other branded lifestyle offerings.


6What is different and unique about our group fitness?

Unique group fitness programs take center stage at Hard Candy Fitness – from Ripped Yoga to Spiderweb with TRX. Our signature Addicted to Sweat® programs combine a series of workouts designed with the actual cardio dance choreography, flexibility, and toning exercises Madonna herself does to keep fit and maintain her rock hard body. Addicted to Sweat® blends innovative dance choreography and challenging strength based exercises with a flowing flexibility series to provide a complete and total body workout. This unique signature program provides a complete workout system with classes designed to empower, motivate, and move participants while enhancing the overall Hard Candy experience.


7How do I get more information about the brand and partnering with HCF?

Please contact us using the form above if you are interested in discussing further. We’d love to hear from you.


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