Addicted to Sweat


Addicted to Sweat® is the signature program offered exclusively at Hard Candy Fitness. It combines a series of workouts designed with the actual cardio dance choreography, flexibility, and toning exercises Madonna herself does to keep fit and maintain her rock hard body. Addicted to Sweat® blends innovative dance choreography and challenging strength based exercises with a flowing flexibility series to provide a complete and total body workout. This unique program provides a complete workout system with classes designed to empower, motivate, and move participants while enhancing the overall Hard Candy experience.

ATS Cardio Dance

This class involves dances that are unique, dynamic, challenging, and fun. They are based the workouts that Madonna does every day, and on choreography from her music videos and tours! New choreography and routines will be introduced to build your repertoire.


This workout is unique, effective and extremely challenging. Jawbreaker is a 30-minute class designed to tone and strengthen every part of your body. Using a variety of equipment such as towels, chairs, and bands, you will build strength, increase core stability and improve flexibility by performing a specially designed sequence of exercises that will push your limits and harden your body.

Kickazz Kombat

This 60-minute class will literally kick your butt. This combination of hard core kickboxing for maximum cardio burn, followed by intervals of jump rope and agility ladder work, truly encompasses our Hard, Harder and Hardest core value.

The Beast

This 60-minute Addicted to Sweat class combines Tricking, Breaking, Capoeira and Parkour in the format of Tabata. It utilizes quick interval bursts of cardio blast to burn maximum calories.

Beast Barre

Hit the BARRE and get ready to bring out your inner BEAST! Become a lean, mean, machine in this fusion class that utilizes a mix of intense barre work with signature BEAST segments designed to push you to the max. Work the lower body by performing a customized blend of three barre based exercises and then step up to the challenge of the BEAST segments.

Om Motion

Roll out the mat for a unique workout that seamlessly combines signature dance based choreography with dedicated yoga sequences. Designed for the dancer at heart, OM Motion will increase flexibility and incorporate an exclusive mind/body experience only found at Hard Candy. Flow through choreographed dance sequences that bridge directly into yoga poses designed to tone, strengthen and stretch every part of the body.


Prepare to get whipped into shape in this intense, results-driven sweat session. Dominate and master all conditioning, strength, toning, flexibility, and endurance exercises using Therabands, resistance tubes, and more. This class is sure to challenge and leave you dripping in sweat.

Rebel Heart Hiit

Calling all Rebel Hearts! Challenge yourself to the MAX in this high intensity interval training boot camp workout while you push, pull, jump, tone, and sculpt your way to the ultimate hard body. Get ready to bring your best for one hard HIIT-ing class that will have you coming back for more.

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