Release and relax with these classes designed to give you maximum flexibility – both in body and mind. You won’t see the maximum benefits of strength and cardio training unless the body and mind are flexible. The classes focus on the modalities of yoga, Pilates, and stretching.

Ripped Yoga

Get ripped in this class that fuses strength training and core abdominal work with traditional yoga practices. Ideal for yogis who don’t often exercise outside of their regular practice or for athletes looking for a new challenge, this unique class utilizes dumbbells to add intensity and build strength in a manner different than traditional yoga classes.

Ballast Ball Pilates

This unique fusion-based workout blends the free flowing resistance movements of the BOSU® Ballast Ball with traditional Pilates mat exercises. Through a mind/body/spirit approach to movement, you’ll experience purposeful exercise with maximum results as you work through specially designed strength, cardio and core Pilates inspired exercises that burn calories and shape your entire body.

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