Body Design

These classes will sculpt tone and chisel your body through the use of BOSU™ Balls, Ballaste Balls, TRX™, and weighted drumsticks. You will achieve the long, lean look of Madonna’s body.


Non-stop body sculpting combined with heart pumping cardio. Engine features blocks of upper and lower body strength training mixed with full throttle cardio movement designed to burn calories while toning every inch of your body.


Total body strength training class utilizing heavier weights to chisel muscles, deliver results and shape your body. Experience the “final shred,” a unique class component designed to push you to the limit, break through boundaries and achieve your maximum fitness potential.

Ballast Ball Workout

Take your stability ball training to a whole new level with the BOSU® Ballast Ball, a specially designed, glow in the dark, weighted ball. Roll through this fun, fast paced, hardcore workout that combines core work, cardio, and strength training exercises and gain more power through the free flowing weighted movement of the Ballast Ball.


BOSU® Body features combinations of cardio and strength drills that provide a non-stop, challenging workout that incorporates multiple types of training using the BOSU®. Your speed, agility, power, and strength are tested throughout the workout using a precise series of drills carefully constructed to provide multiple level options designed for the beginning exerciser as well as the seasoned pro.

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