Specialty Class

Specialty Class

AntiGravity Yoga

Defy gravity, stretch further and hold challenging postures longer using a flowing fabric hammock. With the fabric as a soft trapeze, you’ll learn simple suspension techniques to move into seemingly impossible inverted poses to relieve compressed joints and align the body from head to toe.

Spiderweb with TRX

Defy gravity in this unique form of suspension training utilizing the TRX®, a unique set of nylon straps designed to provide a total body cardiovascular workout. Like a spider in her web, the moves are powerful and the transitions are seamless helping to build balance, flexibility, and strength.

Pound: Rock Hard

Pound® Rock Hard Rockout while you work out - Madonna-style - with Pound: Rock Hard! Drum along to a slammin’ soundtrack using Ripstix™- weighted drumsticks and prepare to drum up a serious burn. This exclusive, 30 minute Pound inspired format feeds off the Hard vibe with more challenging, dance-fused choreography. Remember: if you want it harder, make it louder!

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